Basically, every day, I want to do what Jesus tells me to do. If he tells me to call someone, I’m going to call them. If he tells me say something, I say it. If he tells me to keep my mouth shut, I do it. Or at least, that’s always my plan.

These days, Jesus has told me to partner with DOOR and do language survey and linguistics training with them. I have officially joined DOOR full-time! I’m excited about this. I’m able to join DOOR full time because they’re able to let me do the last thing that I’m very passionate about – spiritual growth resources.

In 2020, I spent quite a bit of time listening to Jesus and just being in his presence. On one of these such instances, I felt him show me a series of images that were from my future. They were about restoring the Deaf heart and restoring relationships to Jesus. A lot of my part in it was creating resources to make it happen. That’s what I’ll be doing with DOOR – creating resources to help heal and restore the Deaf heart.

In these roles, I am a self-funded missionary who relies on Jesus and the people he works through to get me what I need every month. If this is something you think you’d be willing to partner with me, or, more importantly, if this is something Jesus is telling you to partner with me, I’d love to have you on my team. An average giving amount is $100/month. You can safely support me monthly through DOOR’s website – here – or you can get in contact with me for other options.