I’m back from Kenya! It was tough, but very good. I went to Kenya to learn about language survey and see if that was something I wanted to do. It turns out that language survey makes my nerd heart very happy!

So, I’m going to contract with DOOR to do language survey for them! There are several ways that God told me this is the next step for me, so I’m excited to see how the next year goes!

This job, though, is missions based and I’ll need to raise support. I’d like to start on my first real survey trip this August, so having funding by then would be fantastic. My church is actually my sending organization. If you’d like to support my mission, support the Deaf, support Bible translation through me, you can give tax-free through my church as a one time gift or monthly.

You can give now by clicking here.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. I’d even love to come to you and explain in person the importance of this work to advance Bible Translation for the Deaf!

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