“God is bigger than the boogieman.” -Veggietales

“If you wanna be great in God’s kingdom, learn to be a servant of all.” -Psalty, Singsational Servants

“It’ll teach you patience.” -Sunshine Factory

I learned these phrases when I was a kid and in times of uncertainty or contemplating, these phrases and ones like them come into my head and give me advice, comfort, and/or guidance.

I’m sure you have similar helpful phrases. But I met a Deaf man in Sri Lanka with a different story. His childhood was full of terrifying idol and demon worship. His family prayed to gods they needed to appease and make happy. He lived every day in terror. A religion built on fear. I saw this religion performing one of their tributes while I was in Sri Lanka. I saw women carrying coconuts on their heads. I saw men being led around the street with hooks in their backs. And I saw men dangling 30 feet above the ground by hooks through the skin on their backs and legs. This Deaf man thought he had no way out. Thought he was trapped in a terrifying life forever. There is no Bible in Sri Lankan sign language. There are no kids TV shows or movies to watch and find truth. There are very few actual Deaf Sri Lankan Christians. But one found him. He brought him to church. He gave him a story of hope and freedom. He told me that when his friend brought him to church for the first time he got goosebumps. “I was overwhelmed by the love of God. I felt peace in His love.”

I met around 150 Deaf Sri Lankans around the entire island. 15 of them were Christians. Not 15 in each city, 15 total.

But my work, my goal, my passion is to bring water to this dry land. Jesus to these thirsty people. So many people aching for a love that brings peace but don’t know where to find it.  My work with DOOR brings the Gospel to these people in the language that speaks to them and then teaches them how to grow a life with Jesus at the center.

One more thing, I asked Jesus to break my heart for what broke His and he gave me a passion for the Deaf. Will you help me make this work a reality by financially partnering with me today? Follow the link and you can sign up to start giving monthly (standard monthly donations are $50 or $100) – link.

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