Last February, I was invited to Kenya. In fact, I was told, “We’re going to Kenya tomorrow and you should come.” I was like, yeah, no problem. I’ll just pull that $3,000 out of my back pocket I’ve been hiding that I’ll need for that plane ticket.

Understand, I had no money and didn’t actually know where I would get $3,000. But I also knew that going to Kenya was something that I probably should do. So, I started asking people to support me. About a week before I was scheduled to go, I had someone ask me how much money I still needed. I told them, “$538.” And they said, “Ok. I’m going on a run to pray and I’ll get back to you.” The next thing I hear is, “Ok, the $538 is in your account.”

Recently, my dad needed to borrow my car. So I lent it and he ran over to the next town. When he got back, he was hanging out in the living room and noticed a guy hanging around outside. Dad walks out and the man says, “Is this yours?” He had Dad’s iPad. Dad had placed it on the top of my car, it flew off on the highway, got ran over, was found by this guy, brought into town and delivered to Dad’s front door all before Dad even realized it was missing. And it still worked perfectly.

One time, I was desperately lonely. I had been removed from my community and didn’t have anyone in my walk of life around me. And it made me feel like Jesus had left me, too. But, an opportunity came for me to go to Spain for a three month internship. And the house I moved to had someone in my walk of life living in it. Not down the street. Not next door. In the house. And I found community again. And I was reminded that Jesus never leaves.

One time, there was this wedding. And it was a big party. Like days of celebrating. But, the party ran out of wine. Major faux pas at this type of wedding. So, this elderly woman goes to her son and tells him to make more wine. And he’s like, “mom – I’m not ready.” But she tells the people there, “do whatever he says.” And what he says is to fill up these big ol’ jugs with water – to the brim. Then, this is crazy, he turns all that water into wine. Like 908 bottles of wine. NINE HUNDRED AND EIGHT BOTTLES. The average person goes to a party and takes 1. Not this guy. And he didn’t take the wine cooler cheap stuff, he took top shelf.

But what do all these stories have in common? Jesus doesn’t just give. He gives generously. In big areas. In small areas. Always generously. You would have been happy way before he finished giving to you, but he just keeps on going. That’s one thing I love about him.

How has Jesus been generous to you lately? Comment below!

P.S. Sometimes, we blow the generosity. Sometimes, we’re like, you did great Jesus, now watch this. For example, I know someone who recently had their iPad returned to them in perfect working condition after being run over even though the screen was a little cracked. Then they go to have the screen replaced to “make it better” and they get the iPad back imcompasitated. The home key doesn’t work.

What this says to me, let Jesus give. Let him give generously. Let him blow you away. And don’t try to outdo him. You can’t. And that’s a good thing.

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