I’ve been church hunting lately and when you meet new people in a new place they start to ask questions, “Why did you move to Texas?” “What brought you to Texas?” “Did you get a job down here?” And it’s then you start to realize how crazy your story is. “Well, actually, I don’t have family down here, my work’s head office is actually in Michigan, and my new roommate actually got a job after we found a house.”

Because the true answer is that God told us to come down here. We heard him say it, and then we followed through. So, my roommate and I talked and decided we were going to just tell the truth next time: “What brought you down here?” “God told us to.”

So we did. We went to a new church and they said, “So, why did you decide to come down here?” We look at each other: “God.” Then we explain, “We decided that was going to be our answer from now on.” “Because it’s the easy answer?” “Well, I guess. But it’s also the truth.”

She looked at me like a was a crazy person. Me! A crazy person. I never…

But why can “God” only be the “easy answer?” Why can’t we say that to people and then they say something like, “Oh, nice; me, too,” and mean it? There’s so much good behind it. Like, if you started only doing the things you heard God tell you to do, imagine the steps your life could take. Imagine the freedom you would find for yourself. Imagine the relief knowing that someone greater than you has control and you can let it go.

Do you have a time when “God told me to” was your best answer? Tell me about it below!

One thought on “Why can’t God be the correct answer?

  1. Yes! I have the same story. I ended up in Lancaster PA, looking for a church, not because I really wanted to live here and def not bc I have family here. God told me to come here. So ppl ask me that allllllll the time… in fact just today at a job interview… and I just tell them the truth. I’ve found it’s the easiest thing, if I try to just brush it off it makes me feel shady like I’m not telling the truth. So cheers to you guys and blessings as you follow Him!!!


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