Every year, Hanson releases a Members Only EP in May. We go to Tulsa for the weekend, hear the music live, and walk away with a CD of the new music. Just for us. But, I think it’s just for me. This year, that got “postponed” to next year. (Except it’s an annual thing, so how was it postponed? Are we going to have two next year? Doubtful.) But, Hanson is loyal and they still made the Member’s Only EP. In fact, they made 7 songs instead of their usual 5!

This past week, we the people were finally able to bless our ears with the new songs! Seven new Hanson songs all for me. So, I hit the road. Because where better to listen to music than in the car? I opened the invitation up to my roommates, but I was secretly hoping they would turn me down. They did. Jesus loves me so much.

So, this weekend, I drove. With no real destination in mind except growing closer to Jesus. And, as always, he delivered. I ended up going south because I’ve gone south several times and I know where I’m driving. (Having to follow a GPS during Jesus time is not conducive to a stress-free environment.)

With my music up and on repeat, I just start inviting Jesus into the space. “Jesus, I give you my heart, mind, soul, body. I give you the car. I bring my kingdom under your Kingdom. Anything not from your Kingdom has to leave. Any evil, demons, anything from the Enemy has to go. Has to leave. You have no power here.” Once the car is clean and Jesus’, I start inviting him to speak to me. “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening. What do you want me to hear? What do you want to tell me? I have some questions: Where should I live next year? What should I do next year?” And then I just enjoy the drive. Keeping my ears and mind open. And I’m smiling. I’m free. I’m living the life there in my little yellow car with Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Papa God.

And before I know it, only an hour and a half down the road, Chip Gaines starts welcoming me to Waco on the billboards leading into town. And one picture comes into my mind: A Joanna Gaines’ cupcake. Have you ever seen one? Eaten one? They’re perfect. They’re sweet. They’re chocolate. They’re perfection in a cupcake. So I exit the highway and drive to the Bakery at the Silos. I get my cupcake and go sit at a coffee shop down the street. While I’m there, I finally have the courage to write an email that I’ve been putting off for months.

Writing this email doesn’t really have much to do with the man I’m sending the email to as it does obedience to God. It’s an amazing thing what happens once you’re finally obedient. Once you stop being stubborn with God and accepting that what he has is the best thing for you. (To be clear, I’m not always aware of the fact that I’m being stubborn against God. I’m not aware that my own fear has kept me from him. But, absence makes the heart grow fonder and you start to realize that, “Hey, Jesus isn’t here. Where did he go? Where did I go? Let’s get back together.” And it’s sweeter than you remembered and it’s better than you remembered.) So, while I felt like I had a roadblock the last month, I felt the wellspring of life open up in me over the weekend and I’m sitting here writing my first successful blog in over a month.

On the way back home, I listened to a couple podcasts. Both very good. But the line that applies most to this blog is this: “Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. The Jesus you were in love with last year is the very same Jesus today.” (It’s okay if that makes you cry. It does me, too.) Jesus is the same. The world is different, but Jesus is the same.

So, to the outside world, I drove to Waco to get a cupcake, turned around, and drove back. But to us, we know I got so much more. I got Jesus.

P.S. If you ever come visit me for more than a day, I’ll take you to Waco and we can get cupcakes. It’s just down the road. And it’s sooo worth it.

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