“Wait, what?” Both of our chins were metaphorically on our chests as our third roommate told us about her plans. “You’re getting married next week and are, therefore, moving out? Ok, cool. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool.”

You see, we had a plan. We all decided September 2020 that we were all going to live at Sundrop Cottage all 2021 long. This roommate even sent this gif. Hilarious. And Serious.

So, you can imagine our surprise when the end of January 2021 comes with this announcement. Now, we all decided that getting married is a perfectly acceptable reason for moving out and we are happy for her. There’s no malice here. We’re not upset in the slightest.

However, there is now going to be only two of us living and paying for a place that three of us used to live and pay. So, I only minorly started to freak out. But Jesus is good. My remaining roommate and I decide to spend the weekend praying about what God wants to do with the room. “Ok, we’re gonna pray about it and on Sunday we’re gonna get together and talk about what Jesus told us, deal?” “Deal.”

Friday night, I’m sitting at a Listening Party with the creative community group at my church and I’m called out. And so I start to repent. “Jesus, I’m sorry for trying to take control over everything. I’m sorry for doing things on my own. I’m sorry for freaking out and worrying about this room. And I give it all to you. I give you the room. I give you the whole house. Whatever you want to do with it, with me, let’s do it. Anything you want. Anytime you want. I don’t want control. Help me remember that. But use this house for your glory. I bring it under the authority of Jesus and I bring it back to the Kingdom so you can rule. Rule the house, rule my life.” Then I hear him say that it should be an interim room. We shouldn’t get a full time roommate, but leave it open for people to come in and out that need a place to feel closer to Him. Need a place of respite. Need a place until their permanent place opens up.

“Ok, but how are we going to pay for it? They might not have much money if they’re transitioning, so we could maybe reduce the amount we ask them to pay, like half of rent and utilities…”
“Ok, we could drop utilities.”
“Ok, idea…”
“Kate, what about my ideas?”

“What’s your idea?”
“Have them ask me what to give towards the room.”
*gulp* “Uh, yeah. Ok… Good idea… we’ll do that… But it’s only Friday, I need Michel to hear the same thing…”

Guess what. Michel heard the same thing.

So, here we are, preparing a room for people seeking Jesus to stay in while they’re looking for a permanent place. We’re setting up the room fully furnished so that someone doesn’t need things to live. They don’t have to worry about where they’re gonna rest and restore. We have the place, we have the stuff, we have the kitchen space, we have the room, and we have the Holy Spirit dwelling here.

I posted about the room in my creative community’s facebook group and we’ve already had two inquiries that we’re praying about! People need the room. They need the Jesus. They need, and they’re seeking, and they’re preparing. Jesus will pour, and overflow. We pray the room glorifies Jesus. Worships the King. And brings all residents one step closer to the Kingdom.

Maybe something in this blog sparked something in you and you want to help the Respite Room. There are a few ways, you could give a financial gift to help pay rent/utilities for the Respite Room. If this interests you, you can message me for the cost for a month’s rent.

Another way you could help are by providing things for the Room itself. We’ve made an Amazon wish list of things we need for the room. We’re hoping to have the room ready by March 1, so these are somewhat urgent needs. Click here to see the list. There are practical things on this list that the room really needs – like sheets and pillows. But there are also one or two fun things – like throw pillows and wall decor.

The next way would be a washer/dryer. Our roommate who is moving out owns the washer/dryer and she’s taking them with her. So, we’re fresh out. And soon noses are going to start to suffer, haha. If you have one you’d like to donate, let me know and let’s work something out! If you want to buy us one, let me know and let’s work something out!

This roommate also owns the decent kitchen-sized fridge. We own one, but it’s shorter than me. You might recall reading about it in my God-led weekend blog. In this blog I explain how this fridge is a good size for maybe 2 people, but not three, so we ultimately got a larger one. I mean, look at it.

So funny. And gosh my hair was short then. You should see it now! Anyway, tangent. This fridge will be fine with me and Michel. But when we get a third person, things could be tight. So, maybe you have a spare mini fridge we could put in the Respite Room? Maybe you have a garage fridge you want to get rid of? Maybe you just have a little freezer that’s taking up space? We’d take any of those.

Finally, maybe you want to stay in the Respite Room. The idea of a place to escape to for a while and hang out with Jesus is the most appealing thing to you right now and you can’t wait. Let’s talk! Let’s pray about it! And let’s get you time in the room!

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