When God calls, I move. That’s how I measure success.

Three days ago, I had a Skype meeting that ended with my life completely turned upside down. Before 8 a.m. on Thursday morning, I was nannying, helping move family members to new houses, and planning trips to visit family in the spring. Then, at 9 a.m. I was in a crazy spin of “What do I do?”

Last September, I felt a nudge from Jesus that said, “Apply for this job.” And so I did. And then, since last September, my life has been on “hold.” The company I was applying with strung things out and I didn’t find out until January 3 that I did not get the job. So, between September and January, I continued my life and fell down an evil spiral of restlessness that lead to me not giving a crap anymore. But, I knew I wanted to care. I wanted to be present; and, deep down I knew that Jesus didn’t give up on me. But when I felt that nudge again at the end of January, I hesitated. It was telling me to email some old friends and see if they needed any help, if I could intern with them, or something of the like. But my mind was warring – “Jesus, are you going to put me on hold again? Are you going to string this out just to tease me? Are you telling me this just to test my obedience?” Well, I didn’t do anything about the nudge. Until a few days later when I was talking with a friend and I felt the nudge again. And so I drafted an email with the final lines being: “I’m sure I have more questions, but I knew I needed to send this email before I chickened out, ha.”

You’ll never guess what happened. Ok, you probably can. Less than two hours later I get an email back that says, “Wow! We have been praying about and looking for help in this area. Thanks for not chickening out–your timing is amazing!” We set up a Skype meeting that ends with my friends inviting me to Kenya to join them in a training program so I could go on a survey trip in the fall, partnering with DOOR to continue to go on survey trips.

So, here I am, making websites and buying tickets to go to Kenya in three weeks for a month and a half.

God moves, I move. God stays, I stay. I follow the nudges and I win. I’m a success. The same can be true for you. Listen, follow, success. The world (including the evil, lying voice inside your head) doesn’t get to determine your success.

2 thoughts on “My Trip to Kenya

  1. Yay Kate!! So excited to see how God continues to work with you! You are a continued inspiration for us and our family. So excited for this adventure! Love you


  2. So excited of this adventure! So excited to see how God is going to continue to use you! You are such an inspiration on listening and being obedient. Thank you for that! Love you and your faith! ❤️


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