I’ve made two New Year’s Resolutions that lasted the whole year. Out of the years of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve made. But 2018 and 2019 were good years for me – as far as resolutions go.

In 2018, I resolved to fast one day a week. And I went the whole year and fasted one day a week. And it became a part of my routine that for most of 2019 I also fasted one day a week. You can hear more about that in this vlog I made a year ago: click here.

In 2019, I wanted to fall in love with reading again. So, the plan was to read a book a month. And by George, I did it! Some months I read 4 books. And some months I was up until early hours on the 30th to make sure I finished. But, I’m glad I did it. Because I fell in love with reading again. I learned new things. I got to imagine – pure (as in clean) imagination. And I got to read the shelves of books that have been sitting in my room for years waiting for my fingers to come pick them up.

I got reacquainted with Anne. I dived into Betsy’s world. I got to walk through a wardrobe, fall through a frame, and run through a door in a schoolyard. Healed some wounds. Learned about a hero of mine, and much more.

Why were these resolutions successful?

I think it is because they sparked something in me. The fasting helped me learn things about myself and led to so much growth. I woke up on Wednesday mornings and wanted to fast.

And reading books rekindled a desire in my heart – to be swept away in a story. To lose myself not in TV or my phone, but in adventure and growth.

Both resolutions weren’t about punishing myself and determining to just do better. They were about growing and sparking joy. They were about life.

In your 2020 resolution making process, look for the things that will bring you life and resolve to do them.