Disclosure – I will not give away major plot points in this blog. But I will tell specific quotes, song lyrics, or minor scenes. That’s you warning. Read at your own risk.

I saw Frozen II and it did not disappoint. In fact, I went back and saw it again only 2 days later. And then went back a couple weeks later. I don’t want to talk it up too much – that can get a person excited just for them to be let down when they go see it. But I definitely recommend you seeing it.

But, every time I see it, or listen to the soundtrack, there is one line that throws me.

“Hope is gone.”

All my life, I’ve been taught that there is hope. Hope never leaves. “Hope guides me. It’s what gets me through the day.” Hope is the only thing that can remain. But here, Anna sings that her hope is gone. Wait, what?

There’s an episode of Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman where Mxyzptlk comes and takes away tomorrow. “You take away tomorrow, you take away hope.” But Superman never lost his hope. And it was because of his endurance and patience that they were able to banish Mxyzptlk back to the 5th dimension.

But there is an Enemy with one goal, separate you from Jesus. One little piece of doubt, one festering thought can grow and now you can’t see tomorrow. You can’t see any good. Anna, at this point in the movie, feels all alone. And she loses her hope.

And now I realize, that I have been a fool. Hope can definitely leave. (Fool might be too strong of a word – but I was blessed with parents who made me naive to the desperation of the lost.) Because some people have nothing that is hope-worthy. They’ve given up on Jesus or don’t even know he exists. And that’s why they lose hope. But the best part of any story – the main character – Jesus! The embodiment of hope. The reason we all can sing. The reason we can endure and banish evil. You, dear friend, have access to eternal hope. Your hope never has to be gone.

It takes a bold person to say, “I choose hope.” Depression, desperation, detachment, destitution – those are far easier. Be bold, friends. Choose life. Choose the hard path, it’s much more worth it.

Disclosure – Depression can sneak into a life with hope. Because life has to be fought for. I’ve fallen into its grasp. And I’m not saying hope stops depression. But hope combats it.

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