This August is a very special month! Sometimes, a year goes by and we don’t even realize it! I don’t know about you, but 2020 has been the longest and shortest year of my life. So, when I realized this week that August is my one-year anniversary with DOOR, I had to take a minute to celebrate with all of you!

Celebrations might be few and far between these days. We forget to celebrate the small things because the big things are so looming and so dark. But a celebration is a type of attack on the enemy. If he can keep us feeling low, lower than the floor and like we don’t have a chance, he can make us forget about goodness. But, when we have defiant joy, we can look the darkness in the face and say, “I’m going to dance, anyway! Joy comes in the morning!”

So, as a way of celebration, I’ve written down the things I’ve done with DOOR this year to help further the kingdom. And I’ve written down the things DOOR has done a part from me since I joined because the more the merrier when it comes to celebrating!

Things I’ve done this year with DOOR:
1. Surveyed a southern Asia country and found how many sign languages they have there!
2. Taught Digital Technology of Sign Language research to new linguists on the MA level!
3. Taught our new high facilitators the basics of linguistics!
4. Worked on a database of all our projects to get the information in one place!
5. Wrote 2 brand new people profiles for Joshua Project – an organization that keeps tabs on all the language groups in the world and their availability to know the Gospel.
6. I’ve done a lot of planning for our next several surveys. As soon as they raise the flag, we’ll be able to get back out there!

Things DOOR has done this year
1. Finished the first 110 stories for two different language groups! (We now consider this group to have good access to scripture in their own language!)
2. Started two new translation projects!
3. Raised $30,000 for mircoSD cards! We are in the process of downloading scriptures onto them so we can give them to scattered Deaf so they can feel connected!
4. Started a 30 for 30 campaign and raised $20,000 to feed both hungry Deaf hearts and stomachs during COVID! We sent our Deaf evangelists to homes of the Deaf with a good meal and a good word.
5. Our evangelical teams (our 2×2 program) were able to reorganize into local, regional and national teams! And many were able to keep in contact with our friends in country even though many of us had to return to our homes this year.

Praise the Lord! So much good in so little time! I’m excited for the years to come!

Have a piece of cake tonight in celebration with me! And find something you can celebrate, too! Let’s bring on the defiant joy!

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