I’ve been in Baltimore for the last week. Baltimore has parallel parking. Normally, I’m not too shabby at parallel parking. But this week has just been annoying. I can’t seem to cut it right. I’m constantly slightly shifting after I get into the spot to get closer or farther away from the curb. Annoying. It doesn’t help that it is making me feel like a fool. But that’s some personal stuff I gotta work through. Well, Thursday was the worst. I’m parking outside the Airbnb we’re staying in and I’m forward, backward, forward, backward, forward, rub the curb, away, rub, away. *heavy groan.* Luckily, the person staying with me wasn’t with me in the car, I did not need an audience for this. *eye roll* But, I get it parked and head inside, determined to forget this awful parking experience.

The next morning, we get in the car and my low tire pressure light comes on. Now, this normally isn’t a big deal. My front passenger tire has an extremely slow leak that I know about and every couple of weeks, I have to fill it up again. And, I’ve been saving for new tires, anyway, but the mechanic said I had 10,000 miles left on the tires. (That’s now down to 2,000.) But, yesterday, with all the curb rubbing, was it that tire? Or something else? So, we get to the donut shop, I kick the back tire to see if it’s low. It might be a little low, but it’s fine. We’re headed to Philly and we’re like an hour behind schedule, so I’m not going to worry about it.

We leave the donut shop minutes later and I have to stop for gas. I was going to stop on the highway, but why wait? Maybe there are places along the way. So, I tell my map I need a gas station and they pull one up. We head there and it has an air pump. I thought about filling up the slow leaker, but eh. Then my companion says, “You want to fill up that tire?” Ok, I pull over there, get out my tire pressure gauge and head around to fill it up. The front one is low, naturally, but something draws me to that back tire again.

I head back there just to check the pressure, and what do I see? A nail sticking right through it. In the top and out the side. Just hanging out. Ok. We have a problem. An annoying problem because now we’re even later behind schedule.

I research some tire shops and there’s a place not even half a mile away. We find it and they replace the tire, right there, on the spot, in less than 30 min, for $45.

Now, this all sounds like a nuisance, right? Just a bunch of annoying things popping up keeping us from our good time. But, let’s look at the facts.

Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me this I know. And Jesus protects me and provides for me.

So, he knew that if I didn’t have a struggle and my low tire pressure light came on, I would assume it was the slow leaker and ignore it. So, I struggled to park.

He knew that I would need a tire place, so he had me get gas in town just down the street from one.

He knew that I would continue to ignore the tire, so he had my companion mention filling up the tires.

He knew that I would just think it’s the front tire, so he pulled me to the back and put the nail on top.

He knew that we wouldn’t want to spend hours waiting on a tire, so he had a mechanic ready for us to just pull into his bay and replace the tire.

He knew that we wanted to have a Jesus-filled day, so he showed up all over the place and gave us the belief to see him.

And, because of all this, we were able to have the ultimate good time. If we had gotten on the highway and had blown the tire completely, bad day. An all-plans-kinda-failed bad day. But Jesus loves us. He loves me. And he loves you.

How is he making your day an ultimate good time?

One thought on “When God shows up

  1. Our Father does not “Tire” at rescuing His children. He especially loves watching our faces.

    Blessings Woman of God! We pray for you.
    The Rices


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