I recently had an epiphany. It’s a pretty good one, so I’ll share it with you.

I was at a Jesus-follower event chatting with a new friend. Another new friend comes up to us, and we chat for a minute. As she walks away, the first friend says, “She seems so familiar to me, but I don’t know who she reminds me of.”

We’re all new to each other, never really met before, but there’s a connection there.

And then it hit me. “Let them be one as we are one.” If we’re one, then of course she feels familiar. Of course we feel like we already know each other. We’re a part of the same vine.

We were created for unity. We were graced with royalty. We are joint heirs with Jesus. Which means we’re joint heirs with each other. Which means we can meet each other and feel connected to each other, when we’re connected to the vine that gives us all life.

Well, there it is. Short and sweet, but powerful.

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